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Exotic-Textures from the World of Art.

XTex Art is currently established in Europe,Germany and parts of Asia.We are mainly focused on arranging exhibitions and Selling Art Online.
We believe that Art should be for everyone, everywhere and our goal is to connect the people of the world, to the world of Art.

XTex Art believes in the creativity of man, the beauty an artist can share with the world and the ultimate need man has for the beauty of Art. We believe this to be a simple truth and this is why we created XTex Art.

We offer real, unique and outstanding Art.

We work directly with the artist and not only deliver you a true piece of Art but also the “Aura” of emotions, feelings and the personal statement that makes every piece of Art authentic and unique.
An Original Painting creates a long-term relationship, as the value of such an investment is one that surpasses the “cheap” alternative of a reproduction. The textured strokes and true blends of color can move beyond the canvas and frame to penetrate the senses in a manner that reproductions fail to achieve.
Buying Art on XTex Art Gallery is like taking a trip through individual artists galleries from the comfort of your home or office.You get to know the artists, become familiar with their work and learn their story.You form a connection with the person who created the Art you purchase.



♦ XTex Art is established in parts of Asia and Europe,Germany. ♦

♦ When you buy from us you go straight to the source of the Art. ♦

♦ We Ship Artworks World-Wide. Quick,Safe and Insured. ♦

♦ We have an individual relationship with all of our artists, and we choose them based on their reputation and professionalism. ♦

♦ Before placing an artwork on display, the painting must undergo thorough authenticity and quality reviews. ♦

♦ We ensure that customers receive background information on artists and paintings. ♦



♦ We make original Artworks available on a global scale. ♦

♦ We make it faster and easier to browse through countless exhibitions and galleries. ♦

♦ Simply sit back and scroll through our selected original paintings from the comfort of your home or office. ♦


Contemporary Art

XTex Art specializes in the contemporary Art form. Contemporary Art is defined as artistic work from the present era that uses the current practices and styles of its discipline.
Although the words Modern Art and Contemporary Art are used interchangeably, they do represent two distinctive moments on the Art timeline. Modern Art includes artistic work produced during the period extending roughly from the 1860s to the 1970s. Contemporary Art encompasses the art from the 1970’s to present.


Create Your Own Art

We also provide the option to let you create your own Art. Some Artists have the ability to create Artworks after your needs or create them from scratch with your own ideas. Just contact us and we are happy to create your own piece of art.


We only use the worlds leading Shipping Companys to ensure a Quick and Safe shipping.By default we send your order by DHL,TNT or FedEx if you wish to use a different shipping company please contact us.

Each request that you send for a purchase is responded to within 24 hours. Most of the artwork is in our custody but there are some pieces that are still with the artists or are currently on an Exhibition. But we will start the procure for delivering it to you immediately. A tracking number will be automatically send to you so you can follow your order.

Frameless Paintings:

This is how nearly all of the paintings are delivered around the world. The procedure is simple, straightforward and effective. The painting is taken off its frame,then carefully rolled and placed into a very durable “pvc” pipe. Each pipe is perfectly adapted for the artwork that is being delivered so that the item is well secured for travel.

After the artwork has been delivered to the shipping company a tracking number will be send to you,so you can follow the shipping process at any time.

Please remember that you are responsible for providing a new frame for the painting once you get it.If you wish so we are happy to help you finding a business providing the new frame in you area.

Framed Paintings:

Due to the high logistic effort and high shipping cost this is a very rare occurrence but possible for some specific artworks.If you wish us to ship the painting framed please contact us befor you order so we can send you the shipping details. We only recommend shipping framed paintings when ordering a large amount of paintings.

To make sure that the packaging of the whole piece is done professionally, the shipping company is chosen to perform the packaging,once the packaging is complete and all aspects of safety have been checked the package will be shipped to you and the tracking number will be send ,so you can follow the shipping process at any time.


Sculptures also require the same customized packaging as the framed paintings and for that the shipping company is directly involved in the packaging. They provide a suitable and well fit packaging for each sculpture according to its size and weight. Once that is done the packaging is thoroughly examined for the safety of the sculpture. After the packaged sculpture is taken away by the shipping company, the tracking number will be send to you.


All our paintings are certified original artworks,delivered with a certificate and signed by the artist.

Payment Informations

We use PayPal as our primary Payment Option.PayPal is the World leading Online Payment Company and makes online payments easy,safe and quick.
If you have no PayPal Account you can simply pay with your Credit Card through PayPal without creating an Account.
If you would like a different payment option please contact us.

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