5 Art Exhibitions Not To Miss In 2017

For the art enthusiast there is nothing like looking forward to the next opportunity to experience some of the most exciting art fairs and art exhibitions in the world has to offer. The time to make plans is now, arriving in time to see all there is to see, is crucial. Travel to and from the next great art fair is part of the fun.

Each of these 5 art exhibitions has something to offer anyone and everyone, from amazing sculpture to fantastic line drawings and prints. Not to mention a broad selection of fine art from the past and the best artists the art world has to offer in 2017. Let’s take a closer look at what the Art Year 2017 has to offer, here is a list of 5 art shows not to be missed this year.

1. Art Paris Art Fair 2017

Mar 30 – Apr 2, 2017

Art Paris 2017 will focus on discovery, the exhibitions will cover a period of art from the post war artists through to present day. In addition the fair will have a special focus on African art and cover emerging International art scenes, as well. The Art Paris art show has gone on since 2012 and continues to grow every year. This year the show has pulled together 130 galleries from 29 countries.

The post war era is impossible to sum up, but includes movements such as Abstract Expressionism, British Pop Art, Art Informal, Nouveau Realisme and Flux Art. These movements produced a wonderful variety of unique paintings by artists like Jean Dubufett, Alberto Giacometti, and Francis Bacon. The fine paintings and abstract designs arose out of a need to reconnect with nature after the Second Great War.

With a focused spotlight on African art, the show will offer monographic exhibitions in the Solow Show Section. Galleries from South Africa, as well as Angola, the Ivory Coast, Tunisia, Uganda, Senegal, Morocco and Nigeria are represented across several sections of the show. Photography, lithographic and monographic print imagery will be highlighted.

2. Gerhard Richter: The Life of Images

Oct 14, 2017 – Feb 4, 2018

Next up is the art exhibition of Gerhard Richter: The Life of Images, located at the Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, Australia held this coming October. This art show will include fine art paintings from across the 6 decades of Gerhard’s acclaimed career. The Queensland Art Gallery show will include exhibits from collectors from around the world and from Gerhard Richter’s personal collection.

In addition, displayed side by side with other pieces of Richter’s work there will be over 400 reproductions of Atlas sheets from his 1962 encyclopedic project “Atlas”. Gerhard Richter has shown the world for over 50 years the breadth and depth of his incredible control over the painted canvas. For some the most compelling exhibit will be the four panels of Birkenau produced in 2014. These monumental abstracts are painted over photographs taken in Nazi concentration camps.


Do you like the abstract paintings of Gerhard Richter, then you should have a look at the artist Kunsumaso in our gallery. He makes medium and big size acrylic canvas paintings in a similar style and more affordable prices.

Kunsumaso Artworks

3. Affordable Art Fair Hamburg 2017

November 16 – 19, 2017

Affordable Art Fair Hamburg 2017 well be held in November, including over 80 local, national, and international galleries. A major focus of this year’s art exhibition will be affordable and amazing prints. The artists and galleries have created and soon will display some of the most intricate prints. Collectors will have the opportunity to learn about and see how the prints are made.

4. Art Central Hong Kong 2017

March 21 – 25, 2017

Art Central Hong Kong 2017 art show turns its sights on celebrating the extreme diversity and enthusiasm of Asia’s contemporary art scene. This year’s program will include the drawings of Hasanul Isyraf Idris’, as well as Tang Jies’ “Stone Story” a moving sculpture that includes stone, drum and mechanical parts. This art exhibition is now in its third year, the sudden impact of this annual event has risen its status to a place of museum quality paintings and multimedia artwork.

5. Art Basel Miami 2017

December 7 – 10, 2017

Get excited, Art Basel Miami 2017 will be held in December, and is one of three Basel shows to be held around the world this year. This year’s Miami Beach Art Basel show will cover artists and over 250 galleries from North America, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe. The focus is on Modern and Contemporary paintings, sculpture, photography and film.

In addition, there will be amazing outdoor displays of sculpture and film presentations, which will take place at the nearby Collins and Soundscape parks. To mention just a few of this year’s coming art show highlights David Herschlein will be displaying his contemporary sculptures and Nicolas Ceccaldi will be looking at religion through his new paintings, as well.

Do not miss all of the excitement, make sure to set aside the time to attend one or all of these world class art exhibitions. As if this list of five art shows was not enough, 2017 also offers two other amazing Affordable art Fair events, in London and the Netherlands. Art enthusiasm is electric, but the best way to really enjoy art is to become a collector.

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