XTex Art Exhibition 13.8.2016 – 13.9.2016 Germany,Leipzig

XTex Art Exhibition Kunstausstellung leipzig, germany

XTex Art is currently holding a Art Exhibition near Leipzig.

At the moment you can see a small selection of artworks by the artists: Sumath Kunsumaso, Paitoon Jumee, Chattramangala Wichianroje and Chuthip Chinchokchai. The exhibited artworks are acrylic paintings on canvas.

Sumath Kunsumaso Acrylic Painting on Canvas, Abstract Art

Paitoon Jumee Acrylic painting on canvas, portrait paintings

Chattramangala Wichianroje Acrylic Painting on Canvas, Abstract Art

Chuthip Chinchokchai Acrylic painting on canvas, portrait paintings / Pop art


If you have any questions about individual artists or paintings, please contact us and we will be pleased to help you.

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13.8.2016 – 13.9.2016


1. Golfclub Leipzig e.V.

04838 Noitzsch / Hohenprießnitz


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